Why You Should Consider Installing a Water Misting System

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Anthem, AZ is known to get very hot in the summer. Instead of suffering through the heat or avoiding the outdoors altogether, there are ways you can cool your porch, patio, and other outdoor spaces. We offer water misting system installations to beat that Arizona heat!

A water misting system can reduce the air temperature

By spraying tiny droplets of water through the air, a water misting system will help cool the temperature of a whole area. Many times people have the system installed throughout their outdoor space. Then, no matter what part of the space you are using. You can expand your usable living space in the summer with a misting system to get temperatures down up to 30°F! Just turn on the misters, and enjoy the outdoors during the hot Arizona summers again.

These systems can reduce allergens

The mist produced by these systems is great at knocking allergens out of the air. The dryer the air, the better it tends to carry allergens. When the desert blooms or when certain things are harvested, the air in Arizona can really get filled up with allergens, causing discomfort and irritation. Misting systems also help with knocking dust and other particles out of the air, this provides cleaner, fresher air for you to breath.

They’re great for pets and plants too

If you have an outdoor kennel for your dog, or a greenhouse, patio garden, or other outdoor growing space for your plants, the mist can provide a lot of relief from the heat and dry air. Your pets will appreciate the cooling effects of the mist. And your plants will love the cool relief and moisture.

How does a water misting system work?

Water is pushed through special nozzles that turn the water into a fine mist. These droplets of water are propelled into the air and absorb the heat in the surrounding air. After absorbing the heat, they evaporate quickly which provides avery effective cooling system. This process is similar to the effect of a breeze blowing across the ocean, and then you feel the cool air.

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Interested in a water misting system? Be sure and contact us for a free, no obligation estimate. Wyman Services offers plumbing services and water misting systems in Anthem, Arizona as well as in the Vistancia, Carefree, and Cave Creek areas around northern Phoenix.

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