Finding a plumber to handle your home’s piping and water appliance needs is all about finding the best in the business. Whether you need routine plumbing work and maintenance, emergency plumbing, or someone to help with upgrades and remodels, you need a plumbing company you can rely on to get the job done efficiently, accurately, and with the best quality. Don’t just call the first company listed. Take your time and consider some of these most crucial factors when hiring a plumber to handle the plumbing needs in your home.

Experience in the Industry

When you need plumbing work done at home, you need a company you can count on. Hiring a new plumbing company could be bad if they have no experience to back them up. Inexperienced plumbers may be able to handle simple jobs. However, the inexperienced plumber may not be able to troubleshoot more complex plumbing issues and may not have an eye for details that an experienced plumber does.

Look for an established company that has been in the business for many years, with plumbers that have extensive experience in the industry. These plumbers bring vast knowledge and have seen all the ins and outs of plumbing to ensure that no detail is missed.

Specialty Areas

As you look at different plumbing companies, make sure you check out their specialties. Some companies offer only the basics. You may be looking for a second company if the first can’t handle all your plumbing needs.

If you have specialized work that needs to be done, choose a plumbing company with experience in that area. For example, not every plumbing company works with sewer leaks and repairs. If you are looking for a plumber who can provide service on an ongoing basis and you wish to form a relationship with one, opt for a company with a comprehensive list of services they provide.

Licensing and Certifications

One thing that sets a skilled plumber apart from others is licensing and certification. A professional plumber goes through in-depth training to become licensed. This licensure and certification mean that the plumber has demonstrated their abilities and has proven that they know how to handle plumbing work expertly.

If you find a plumber who is not licensed and holds no certifications, be weary. There may be a reason for this, which might include the plumber not having enough knowledge and skills to obtain these documents. It could also mean the plumber lost their license or certification due to poor work or mistakes.

Insured and Bonded

Having a plumber who is insured and bonded is one way to give you better peace of mind when having plumbing work done in your home. That insurance is in place to cover any damage that happens during the plumbing job at the fault of the plumber. Though it is rare, incidents do occur. Find a bonded and insured plumber so you aren’t stuck with costly repairs to your home if a job goes south. If your plumber is not bonded and insured, you could be left paying for any damage or defects caused by the plumbing service.

Local to Your Community

When seeking a plumber for your home, look locally. A plumbing company that has roots in your local community will often provide more personalized service and can be relied upon better than one based outside of your local area. The local plumbing company employs trained and skilled plumbers who are often your neighbors, friends, or family. These plumbers have a passion for what they do and strive to stop short of nothing but the best for their fellow members of their community.

Referrals and Recommendations

Word of mouth is the best advertising for any business. As you search for a plumbing company, be sure to ask around. Check with friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers to see who they recommend for plumbing services. Ask questions about professionalism, quality, customer service, and reliability. When you keep hearing the same company name being highly recommended, chances are they are a good choice. Avoid those companies that have consistently bad reviews.


You should find that pricing is rather similar from one plumbing company to the next. However, you may find some extremes in prices when shopping around. If you find a company that offers a price much lower than others, be skeptical. They could be offering a lower overall cost on plumbing services due to a lack of expertise, lower quality work, using sub-par materials, or some other reason that could affect your satisfaction. Keep in mind that pricing isn’t the number one factor in choosing a plumber, but it should definitely be considered.

Warranties and Guarantees

Many plumbing companies offer guarantees on their work. This means that the company has high standards of quality and expects that the plumbing work they provide will meet your expectations without fail. Many plumbing appliances, such as water heaters, water softeners, and water purification systems, come with a warranty. This warranty covers breakdowns and failures on the appliance for a certain period of time. With a guarantee on labor from the plumbing company and a warranty on your appliance, you can rest easy knowing that the plumbing work you pay for is meant to last.

Hours and Availability

Life is busy. You have work, family obligations, and a social life. When searching for the best plumber, you need a company that offers flexible scheduling to meet your needs. Look for a company that offers later work hours on weekdays, weekend appointments at the same rate as normal business hours, and emergency services at any time the need arises. You want a company that can come to your home when the time works best for you so you aren’t taking time off of work or missing important events.

Customer Service and Professionalism

When you hire a plumbing company for your home services, you want a company that cares about you as a customer. The first impression is often the best glimpse you’ll get into the professionalism and customer-oriented attitude of the company.

Find a plumber that makes customer satisfaction a top priority. From the time you place your first call to the company, you should feel at ease knowing that the company is working for you and cares about the service they are providing. Red flags that warn about a lack of professionalism include failure to keep scheduled appointments, arriving late, rude behavior, and leaving behind a mess.

If you need a plumber for services in your home, you need to spend some time searching for the best company. Don’t stop short or cut corners during your plumbing search. Be sure you hire only the best in the business with high-quality craftsmanship, reliability, professionalism, fair pricing, and a guarantee on all work performed.

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