A new trend that we’ve seen becoming more popular is installing pet and dog washing stations in homes around the Anthem, Arizona and north Phoenix valley area. A dog washing station in your home can make your life a whole lot easier. These stations can be designed to fit in with the overall design and appeal of your home and make it easier for dog grooming. These pet washing stations can also serve other purposes. Use this washing station to clean up after a long day of yard work, rinse off dirty shoes, and even clean up the kids after they come in from outside! 

Waterproofing for the Floor and Walls

Make sure you are ready for the big shake after giving your dog a bath! Water is going to go flying everywhere so you want to ensure that the walls are properly waterproofed and that there is waterproofing high enough on the walls. Tile is a popular choice for dog washing stations in the home because it is very durable, looks elegant, and is easy to keep clean.

The size of your dog washing station and how high you will waterproof will depend on the size of your dogs. Bigger dogs have more power to their shake! Tile or other water-resistant flooring at the outside of the station is a good idea as well. You can also use rubber mats and other mats to provide some grip for you and your dog on wet floors.

Think About Storage

When you have a wet dog you want to be sure that a towel is close within your reach! Having nearby built-in storage and places to hang towels will come in handy. Towels and other necessary items will be close within reach. You may also consider adding a shelf or cabinet to the side or above your dog washing station. You can then store shampoo, conditioner, brushes, and other grooming supplies in a convenient space.

Many homeowners install their washing station in the mudroom or other side entry of their homes. Installing your station in these areas allows easy access for a dirty dog. It’s better than having to take a messy dog all the way through your house to a bathroom. You’ll keep your house cleaner and it makes giving your dog a bath a lot easier.

Plumbing for Installing a Dog Washing Station

There are a few special considerations you may want to take into mind when it comes to the plumbing for your dog washing station. We recommend using a larger 3 inch drain in a dog washing station rather than as standard 1 1/2-2 inch shower drain. This larger drain will handle dog hair and more dirt better. We also recommend using a hair catcher, especially if you have a dog that has longer hair.

Other special add-ons you may consider are various attachments and flexible wands for your wash area. Flexible wand attachments allow for easy rinsing of your dog so you can rinse them clean of all the dirt and soap. Pet stores and some hardware stores also sell special attachments for washing your dog. These attachments come in various styles and some even have a built-in brush for a very thorough washing of your dog.

Custom Design to Match Your Home

A dog wash station doesn’t have to be an ugly addition to your home. As these pet wash stations get more popular, you can find prebuilt units or have a custom unit designed to match your home. Designer tile can be used to make it pop. Or tie in various colors to match the rest of the room or the rest of your home.

Are you interested in installing a dog washing station in your home? And did you know that adding a water softener can make a big difference? Contact us to schedule plumbing services. We would love to help with your custom project in Anthem and the north Phoenix Valley in Arizona! 

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