Plumbers are available to service more than clogged drains and problems with your toilet. Their expertise extends to gas systems that have a network of pipelines that they are trained to install, maintain, and repair.

Since natural gas is flammable, it is advised to always call a professional to service or repair gas lines. Attempting to do this work yourself can have tragic consequences. A qualified plumber will be able to conduct a thorough inspection of your gas supply and determine the best course of action. The work will be done correctly with the highest safety and quality standards.

Why Gas Line Inspections Are Important

You may think that the gas company is the only one responsible for making sure gas lines are in good condition. However, homeowners also have to ensure that the components that allow gas to supply their homes are functioning optimally, making regular inspections necessary to avoid costly mistakes.

If you have a gas line that is leaking, the performance of appliances such as your stove, fireplace, and water heater will be compromised. Not to mention the danger of a fire or explosion and fumes that pose a health risk.

Without an inspection, a gas leak can go undetected for a long time. Sometimes you will notice an unexplained increase in your utility bill, which can indicate a gas leak is happening. Other issues with your gas line stem from line exposure and corrosion. Lines can become corroded, especially in connections that lead to the water heater or oven.

If left untreated, corrosion will continue to increase until a leak is created. This is why it is important to be watchful around your appliances and gas lines to see if you spot any visible corrosion. Rusty components should be replaced immediately before they become a bigger problem.

We should never take for granted the convenience and comfort that natural gas produces in our lives. It is easy to overlook its importance until we don’t have luxuries such as hot showers and an oven to warm food. These vast networks of pipes, valves, regulators, and connections that run throughout our homes are vital and require regular inspections and maintenance by a professional plumber.

Common Reasons to Call a Plumber for Gas Line Issues

As you can see, working with gas lines is a serious task that requires the attention of a trained professional. Here are some other signs to consider:

Foul Odor

Natural gas is odorless, but gas providers add sulfur–which has a rotten egg scent–to it to help consumers detect leaks. If you start to smell an odor that is similar to rotten eggs, it could be an indication you have a gas leak. You must evacuate your property immediately and call a plumber for an emergency inspection.

Hissing Sounds

Even a small hole or crack in your gas line can create a hissing sound and is an indication of a leak. A plumber can inspect the situation.

Chipped or Cracked Appearance

The outer casing of your gas line should appear in good condition. It is not acceptable to have any chips or cracks present because they can quickly develop into a more serious structural problem.

Increased Gas Bills

Gas bills can increase due to obvious reasons such as a change in the weather. However, if you cannot explain why your gas bill has increased, there is a chance you have a gas leak or damaged line. Your trusted plumbing company will be able to fully inspect your gas lines and make the necessary repairs to get your home back in order.

Dead Vegetation Around Your Home

If you notice dead or sick plants inside or around the outside of your home, it could be due to poisoning in their roots from a gas leak. Sometimes the deterioration happens suddenly even when the plants are well-maintained.

Inconsistent or Weak Gas Appliances

Another reason to call plumbing professionals is when you start to notice that your appliances are not working as well as they should. If your gas stove or other appliance starts to perform poorly, it could be due to a gas leak or damaged line. Appliances need a full and steady supply of gas in order to function properly.

When an inspection reveals issues, there are a few different options. If your gas line is in good condition overall, most holes or cracks can be successfully repaired. However, there are times when an entire replacement is necessary and serves as the most cost-efficient option.

This is the case with outdated gas lines that have provided years of service. They are greatly impacted by external environmental damage from the elements and other factors and may be difficult to repair.

Signs You Need a Full Replacement

Old age is certainly an indication that you may be due for a gas line replacement. Surprisingly, these powerful components are built to last up to 50 years, but their durability also depends on the type of use they endure. As the years pass, normal wear and tear set in causing corrosion and other damage that weakens the structure. The metal can crack and cause gas leaks, especially after 20 years or so.

Your trusted plumbing professional will be able to determine if your gas line is too old and needs to be replaced or if a repair will allow it to continue its service.

Being outside of the municipal plumbing code is another reason why you may need to replace your gas line. This is common when you purchase an older home. You must be sure to have your gas lines inspected carefully to see if they are up to date with today’s building codes.

Visible corrosion and rust are obvious signs that your gas lines may be compromised. They must be properly protected against moisture to avoid rust from developing. Rust spreads quickly, so if you notice it have it fixed immediately. This is a condition that if left unattended can cause severe cracks and other damage that will require you to replace the gas line entirely if it cannot be repaired.

If you are remodeling or installing new appliances, you have to make sure that your current gas lines are compatible. Otherwise, you may need to upgrade to new gas lines that work well with modern appliances. You may also have to acquire new gas lines for an appliance that is part of a renovation, which may require completely new components.

Connecting With Trusted Gas Line Experts

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