Slab leak detection in Anthem, AZ, can be a difficult task. When homes were built with crawl spaces or basements, it usually became apparent rather quickly when there was a water leak. With slab foundations, things are a little different.

Being encased in concrete means burst pipes and separated joints can’t spew water as obviously as they would in open spaces. Leaks are more likely to start small and slowly deteriorate the materials around and under them. This also means that a leak that surfaces in one area could originate far from its source point.

Compounding this is the simple fact that vibrations from natural earth movement, noise in the building, or even just traffic in the surrounding area can abrade pipes and lead to micro-leaks that can run for a very long time before becoming noticeable.

That is why at the first sign of a leak in a slab foundation, it is best to call a company that specializes in slab leak services as soon as possible.