A sewer camera inspection, or a plumbing camera inspection, is a great way to check in on the condition of your home plumbing. Here are some of the benefits that come from having this service done!

Eliminate Unnecessary Guessing and Digging

When it comes to a leak or obstruction in your plumbing, the last thing you want is a guessing game that leads to a 3-foot trench being dug in your yard. It’s not only a waste of time and energy to randomly dig up your yard, but it can take months before the dug-up area looks good again. A sewer camera inspection is a far less intrusive process. Not to mention it helps eliminate the higher cost that comes with excessively digging in your yard.

Determine Condition of Pipes

The inner workings of your home plumbing are not only out of sight but usually out of mind. Knowing and monitoring the condition of your pipes isn’t easy, but a replacement or repair is sometimes necessary. A plumbing camera inspection can help to determine the condition of your pipes. This can be especially important when you purchase a new home. It can help you can know the health of your home’s plumbing and fix any issues before they turn into something bigger (and more expensive).

Easily Locate Leaks or Breaks in the Lines

Leaks aren’t always obvious. Even with subtle clues, you might have no idea where a leak or break in your line is. If left untreated, plumbing leaks can be costly and result in long-term damage to your home. A plumber can use a sewer camera to determine the exact location of the break or leak and fix it quickly, saving you money and your home from damage.

Can Find Exactly What a Clog Consists of

Clogged pipes happen, but it can be hard to know what causes them all the time. A sewer camera inspection can determine if it’s bathroom tissue, feminine products, thick grease, or tree roots. Once a plumber knows exactly what a clog consists of, they can decide what type of drain-cleaning method to use.

Can Help Find Lost Valuables  

Losing a ring or earring down a drain is a heart-wrenching moment. Especially when the water is left running! It may seem like all hope is lost, but not quite. A sewer camera can be snaked through the pipes and a plumber can find if the lost item is in there and help retrieve it for you.

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