Water leaks are common household problems that, if left untreated, can cause major damage and expensive water bills. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent leaks before they start. Let’s go over five ways to prevent plumbing leaks in your home.

Use a Water Softener

In Arizona, we are no strangers to hard water. But did you know hard water could cause your pipes to leak?

Hard water is water that contains high mineral content. The two most common are calcium and magnesium, which can leave deposits on your pipes. The more you use hard water, the more the deposits build up in your pipes. These deposits can restrict water pressure, corrode joints and fittings, and even create blockages.

The easiest way to fix this problem and prevent future plumbing leaks is to soften your home’s water supply. A whole-home water softener is a great option and could have major long-term benefits for your plumbing system.

Check Your Water Pressure

A high-pressure shower feels so good after a long day, but it can be doing more harm than good to your pipes.

While water pressure below 40 psi results in sad showers and trickling faucets, high water that exceeds 85 psi can put a lot of pressure on your pipes, and the joints, valves, and fixtures may leak. To tell if your water pressure is too high, you can hire a plumber to help you or do it yourself by using a pressure gauge that you attach to a hose outlet or faucet near your water meter. If your home’s water pressure is above 80 psi, you should think about lowering it with a pressure regulator.

Keep in mind that low-flow showerheads and faucets won’t lower the pressure in your home’s plumbing system. They just adjust how much water flows out of the fixture.

Keep Drains Clear

Clogs are another thing that can cause your pipes to leak. They’ll typically cause plumbing leaks in pipes connected to sinks, tubs, and garbage disposals. The clogs cause water to back up in the drainpipe of these fixtures, and the standing water in the pipe causes leaks through the caulking and seals.

Clogs can happen to anyone. But you can steer clear of clogs and potential plumbing leaks in a few ways. Avoid putting food items like eggshells, coffee grounds, grease, and oil down your kitchen drain. You should also avoid disposing of items like lint, paint, and kitty litter down your pipes (even if the packaging says it’s flushable). And make sure you clean the hair out of your shower and tub drain regularly.

Avoid Commercial-Grade Drain Cleaners

If you do get a clog or you notice something wrong with your pipes, do not use commercial-grade drain cleaners to fix it.

Commercial-grade drain cleaners are too hard for home plumbing systems. They’re extremely acidic and corrosive, so not only will the liquid eat away at whatever’s clogging your pipe, but it’ll also eat away at the inside lining of your pipes. This will degrade your pipes and eventually cause a plumbing leak. Avoid commercial-grade drain cleaners altogether, and call a plumber if you want to clear your pipes and prevent future problems.

Perform Routine Plumbing Maintenance

You may not notice a leak in your home right away. So if you’re serious about preventing leaks, you should inspect and maintain your pipes and fixtures regularly. Here are a few things you should do:

  • Regularly check under kitchen and bathroom sinks for signs of water damage
  • Inspect your toilet and make sure it is securely mounted to the floor
  • Check the tub and shower tiles for signs of leaks (and resulting mold growth)
  • Turn off the water at the main shut-off valve when you leave town so a leak doesn’t happen while you’re gone

You should also get your exposed pipes and supply connections inspected and tightened, and your water heater flushed regularly as well. You can choose to do this yourself or get a plumber to handle these projects for you.

Wyman Plumbing & Mechanical is Here for You

Whether you need help implementing these tips to prevent plumbing leaks or you need a leak repair, Wyman Plumbing is always here to lend a hand. We can inspect your plumbing system, bust clogs, install a water softener system, and repair any leaking pipes.

Our plumbers are licensed, insured, and dedicated to giving you the highest level of service. While headquartered in North Phoenix, we proudly service the entire North Valley area and are ready to help you with your plumbing needs!

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