Your home could be under attack, and you wouldn’t even know it! We’re talking about tree roots intruding the plumbing lines that run in and out of your house. If you don’t know what to look for, this attack is completely invisible. If your plumbing lines are being choked and invaded by tree roots it can cause a lot of problems. Know what to watch out for, so that the problem can be caught and resolved before too much damage occurs.

Especially Green and Growing Landscape

The first simple sign of tree root intrusion you can look for is faster than average growth in your landscape. Of course, in the Spring and Summer months you expect your lawn and landscape to look nice, but if you notice your grass suspiciously thriving in a certain area, or if one of your trees is much greener, or begins to grow much faster than others on your property, there’s a good chance that is happening because it’s getting more moisture. Tree roots could be interfering with your plumbing, and all of that water has no where else to go. So make sure to keep an eye on your landscape, and if unusal growth occurs, call an Anthem professional plumber to come out and take a look.

Slow Drains

Do your drains seem to be running slower or do you hear a gurgling noise when you flush the toilet? If your drains are running slow, or your toilet appears to be backed-up you can try to clean/clear them using a snake, but always avoid using chemical drain cleaners in this instance. Chances are they won’t help, and you could end up damaging your pipes and making the situation worse than it already is. If you’ve tried cleaning your drains and toilets with a snake, and the problem continues it could be due to tree root intrusion. Tree roots can obstruct your plumbing, and cause the flow of water to slow down dramatically. If you notice these signs be sure to get your plumbing lines checked out because if your system continues to operate like this, you won’t be able to count on it much longer.


Sinkholes seem to form out of no where, and for no reason at all. That isn’t actually the case. If you notice a sinkhole in your yard it could be caused by tree root intrusion. When tree roots grow into your plumbing, it will cause water to leak out into the yard, which then creates soft spots that eventually sink down. If you notice soft and mushy spots in your yard, you should contact an Anthem plumber to come out and diagnose whether or not your plumbing is blocked.

Awful Smells

If you begin to notice unpleasant odors around different sections of your home, this is a warning that your sewers have been invaded. The odor may often smell like rotten eggs and will be around plumbing fixtures. If this is occuring, you may be dealing with a blockage. There’s a good chance that this bloackage is being caused by tree roots in your sewer system. This is a plumbing emergency that should be taken care of by a professional plumber. Exposed sewage can be harmful to the members in your home.

If you believe that you have tree roots obstructing your plumbing system, our experts can take a look. We offer plumbing camera inspection services and will be able to get a clear view at your system. If you believe you may have a tree root intrusion problem, don’t wait for the problem to resolve on its own, because it will only get worse.

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