If you’re looking for ways to save on bills this year, try your water bill. It might not be your most expensive utility, but it’s an easy one to cut back on. Even small changes can add up to significant savings each year! Here are several things you can do to lower your water bill.

Take Shorter Showers

Long showers feel nice in the moment, but they can really drive up your water bill. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), showers account for 17% of home water use. Even shaving off one or two minutes can lead to impressive savings. Play your favorite music while you shower, but try and get in and out within two songs. Or, you can try the “Navy shower,” where you shut off the water while sudsing up and then turn it back on to rinse off.

Use Your Dishwasher

Yep, another way you can save money on your water bill is to use your dishwasher. Why’s that? It’s because washing your dishes by hand actually uses more water than running your dishwasher. In fact, you use 1/6 less water by your dishwasher than hand-washing your dirty plates and glasses. If you fully load up your dishwasher, you can save 2-4 gallons per load of dishes, which will save you money in the long run.

Don’t have a dishwasher? No worries. Stop up the drain and fill the sink with soapy water rather than letting the tap run.

Run Full Loads of Laundry

If you want to save more on your water bill, always wait until you have a full load to run the washer. If you get a red wine stain on your shirt and need to wash it immediately, try and spot clean with cleaning fluid and a little bit of water from the tap instead. Also, skip the permanent-press cycle. This uses an extra 5 gallons of water for the additional rinse. If you need to use extra rinses for your laundry, cut back on laundry detergent. Even these minor changes can have you saving hundreds of gallons a month.

Get Different Fixtures

Switching out your faucets and showerheads can be a simple fix to saving you money. Installing WaterSense-certified faucets and low-flow showerheads can help you save money without compromising performance. These simple additions are also 30% more efficient than standard faucets, saving you on your water bill.

Want an even simpler solution than changing out your faucets? Add aerators. Aerators both reduce the amount of water the faucet uses and makes the flow more forceful. It attaches to the faucet head and adds air into the water stream to reduce the amount of water coming through.

Replace Wasteful Machines & Toilets

If you’re looking to save big, investing in new, more efficient appliances is the way to go. When you’re out shopping, look for labels that indicate efficiency, like the WaterSense and Energy Star seals. These indicate the appliance runs 35-50% less water per use. When looking at new appliances, don’t forget your toilet either. Installing a low-flow toilet will significantly reduce the amount of water you use.

Let Wyman Plumbing & Mechanical Help You Save on Your Water Bill

We’d be more than happy to help save you money when it comes to your water bill! We can help install new fixtures, appliances, and toilets that will help save you water, as well as inspect your home for leaks if your water bill is suspiciously high. Our plumbers are licensed, insured, and dedicated to giving you the highest level of service. While headquartered in North Phoenix, we proudly service the entire North Valley area and are ready to help you with your plumbing needs!

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