Commercial plumbing systems are much larger than the plumbing in most homes. They are meant to handle a larger volume of use. These larger plumbing systems can experience larger and more frequent problems. Due to the frequent use and high volume, you’ll want to watch for these common commercial plumbing problems. Some issues can be an easy fix while others require help from a commercial plumber in Anthem, Arizona.

Dripping faucets and toilets constantly running

Leaky faucets are a common annoyance in commercial plumbing systems. But a few leaky faucets can waste thousands of gallons of water per year. This can increase your water bill by hundreds of dollars per year. With water constantly dripping, it can also be constantly sitting in the pipes and cause other leaks and issues.

Toilets that constantly run usually have some sort of internal issue. Many times the toilets constantly run because of a failed flapper inside the tank. It could also be that another part came loose or got stuck and is keeping it it open and the water keeps flowing. Sometimes it can be an easy fix, other times it requires help from a commercial plumber. Don’t dismiss dripping faucets and running toilets as just a nuisance to deal with. Get these issues fixed so you don’t keep wasting money on high water bills.

Clogs in toilets and drains

It’s pretty common for public and commercial bathrooms to be treated with less respect than someone’s home bathroom. After all, if they break something, they usually don’t have to deal with it. A clogged toilet or drain is never pretty and can cause unpleasant smells and lead to bigger issues down the line. Clogs in toilets and drains can leave customers with a negative impression of your place of business. Make sure you keep drains and toilets running with commercial plumbing maintenance!

Problems with water temperature or pressure

When you turn the sink on, does it take a really long time for water to warm up? Or are you having issues with the water being too hot? Commercial water heaters may be the cause. Proper maintenance on commercial water heaters is essential to keep them running well. If they’re not maintained, water heaters can fail and result in a very costly repair or replacement bill. Deposits of sediment can build up in commercial water heaters and reduce the effectiveness of the unit. As commercial plumbers in Anthem, Arizona, we offer maintenance services and can flush your water heater of built-up deposits.

Watch your water bill for “silent leaks”

You may have leaks and not even know about it. The leaks may be happening somewhere outside or in an area where you may not notice them. To watch for these “silent leaks” you’ll need to monitor your monthly water bill. Keep track of what you usually pay and watch for any spikes in your water bill.

Don’t ignore sewer smells

Smells of sewage are not pleasant and many times indicate a major issue with your commercial plumbing. Sewer smells should be addressed immediately. Many times it is the result of a blockage in the pipes somewhere. We have the tools and know-how of how to identify and fix the problem.

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