In and around the Phoenix and Anthem, Arizona areas, there are mwany plumbing services and home remedies that can keep your drains clear and free of clogs and blockage. Many times clogged drains are preventable. There are probably things that you are doing right now that can cause damage to your drains and pipes. How can you properly care for and clean your pipes and reduce the risk of getting a clogged drain? 

Chemical Treatments aren’t Always Good for Your Plumbing

The first thing that comes to many people’s minds when they experience a plugged up drain is to use chemicals. However, the chemicals used in most drain cleaners are extremely volatile. And though they will break up the blockage in the pipes, these chemicals can actually seriously harm your plumbing and even corrode pipes. Which will then lead to some expensive repair bills. Instead of using harsh chemicals, first try using a solution of baking soda and vinegar. Allow this to sit and foam in the drain for about 10 minutes and then rinse with hot water. This solution will have a similar foaming effect to harsh drain cleaners and can work just as well. Using harsh chemicals in your drains can not only damage them but they are also hazardous to your health.

The Garbage Disposal in Your Sink Can’t Handle Everything

Some of the most common clogged drains are kitchen sinks that have garbage disposals. A garbage disposal can be very expensive to replace. You might think that just about anything that your garbage disposal can grind up is ok to put down there. It can’t process everything effectively. Many fruits and vegetable are very fibrous. Those long fibers will get tangled up and can eventually stop your garbage disposal or clog your drain. Hard food products like seeds and pits can damage the blades and later get stuck within the pipes. Even if your garbage disposal can grind something up, that doesn’t mean that it will wash down the pipes well. Greasy, oily, and starchy foods should not be put down the disposal. These types of foods may grind up just fine but they coat your drain and pipes and slowly build up and can form a blockage in your plumbing.

Drains Should be Cleaned as a Preventative Measure, Not Just When They’re Clogged

If your drain is clogged, it was probably in the works for awhile. You can take preventative measures yourself so that you don’t get plugged up drains. It is recommended that about once a month you inspect your drains and do a cleaning as needed. You can use the inexpensive cleaning and inspection tools available to you at your local hardware store. Regular maintenance will help you catch problems in the earlier stages and avoid more expensive repairs down the road. It is also recommended that you have your plumbing inspected by a professional about once every year or so. Call Wyman Plumbing & Mechanical, your local Anthem, Arizona plumber, for more information about our services. Regular inspections can help us catch minor problems before they become major problems.

Hiring a Professional Won’t be Too Expensive

A lot of people in Arizona around the northern Phoenix areas are hesitant to hire a professional because they are afraid of what the costs might be for Anthem plumbing maintenance or repairs. Many times the costs are much less than what you might expect. And when you have regular maintenance done and catch problems while they’re small, you will likely avoid larger, more costly repairs in the future.

Do you have a plugged drain or other plumbing problem that needs fixed? Or do you want to schedule a time for us to come out and inspect your drains? Be sure and contact us for a free, no obligation estimate. Wyman Plumbing & Mechanical offers plumbing services in Anthem, Arizona as well as in the Vistancia, Carefree, and Cave Creek areas around northern Phoenix.

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